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Education and Training

Education, vocational training and lifelong learning play important economic and social roles. In the EU, the opportunities for living, studying and working in other countries make a major contribution to cross-cultural understanding, personal development and the realisation of the EU’s full economic potential.

The European Commission provides:
  • Encouragement and support for policy cooperation between Member States
  • Funding for educational, vocational and citizenship-building programmes, such as the Lifelong Learning Programme

Currently there are three specific goals for education and training systems:
  • Quality − Improve their quality and effectiveness
  • Inclusivity − Ensure that everyone has access to them
  • International Accessibility − Open them up to the wider world

    These goals apply to different types and levels of education and training, including:
  • Teacher training
  • Basic skills
  • The integration of information and communication technologies (ICTs)
  • Efficiency of investments
  • Language learning
  • Lifelong guidance
  • Flexibility to make learning accessible to all
  • Mobility
  • Citizenship education

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Last update 26.03.2014