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Advice to Member States

Eurostat provides bilateral advice to Member States when requested on specific cases. This may be before or after the transactions themselves are undertaken. The advice takes the form of letters addressed to the National Statistical Authorities.


In certain cases of future transactions, where the preparation for the transaction is of a confidential nature, Eurostat does not publish its advice until the transaction is announced by the national authority concerned.


Guidelines for Eurostat's ex-ante advice on methodological issues

Advice provided in 2014

Poland - Ex-ante consultation on the registration in GFS and in national accounts of the transactions connected with the pension reform in 2013

Luxembourg - Statistical treatment of the Société National de Crédit et d’Investissement (SNCI) under ESA 2010

Estonia - Statistical treatment of the KredEx Fund and recording of the grants provided from the EU budget to KredEx

The Czech Republic - Statistical treatment of the Czech Export Bank

Ireland - Classification of Irish Bank Resolution Corporation (IBRC) under ESA 2010

Austria - Sector classification of KA Finanz AG under ESA 2010

The Netherlands - Nationalization of SNS Reaal in Q1 and Q4 of 2013

Belgium – Recording in national accounts of the PPP project for the construction and renovation of schools in Flanders

Latvia - Statistical treatment of the contract between Riga City and Deutsche Bank AG

Slovakia - Accounting treatment of the sale of emergency oil stock reserves from the State Material Reserves of the Slovak Republic to EOSA (Emergency Oil Stock Agency)

Lithuania - Statistical treatment of the PPP project Palanga bypass

Hungary - Statistical classification of the newly established Savings Cooperatives Integration Unit and statistical treatment of the related budgetary contribution

Poland - Ex-ante consultation on the statistical treatment of existing in the Polish pension system accounts on which information about contributions paid (ZUS) and assets accumulated (OFE) are registered

Last update 03.09.2014