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Visualisation tools, mobile apps and extraction tools

Eurostat has implemented several data visualisation and extraction tools, and mobile apps:

Visualisation tools Mobile apps
Widgets EU Economy
Statistics Illustrated Country Profiles
Inflation Dashboard Eurostat Quiz
Country Profiles
Business cycle clock (BCC)  Extraction tools
Statistical Atlas
  Tables, graphs and maps (TGM)
  Data explorer
Extraction tools for automatic download
  Other data extraction tool

Visualisation tools


Widget template generator icon

A widget is a small web application, to be embedded in any website, which shows a relatively small amount of Eurostat data in a simple way. Widgets can be created using the Widget Template Generator.

Statistics Illustrated

The “Statistics Illustrated” tools provide a simple and interactive way to visualize Eurostat’s data. Currently Eurostat has implemented the following tools:


Inflation Statistics Illustrated

Inflation Illustrated icon

The tool “Inflation Statistics Illustrated” gives an overview of the price changes and weights of the main product groups included in the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) for the European Union and the euro area. The gradient of a rectangle indicates how much the prices have changed over a year. The rectangle's size is proportional to the share of the product group in the index.

Regional Statistics Illustrated

Regional Statistics Illustrated With this interactive tool, users can now visualise Eurostat's regional data. Regional Statistics Illustrated contains more than 50 indicators by NUTS 2 regions, grouped into 10 statistical domains.


Using the interactive map, individual regions can quickly be selected while different visualisation options allow to compare and analyse regional data in an user-friendly way. An animated timeline shows how regions have performed over time.

Regional Statistics Illustrated features the following visualisations:

  • Choropleth map
  • Distribution plot
  • Scatter plot
  • Bar chart
  • Data table

The tool accesses the latest available data in the Eurostat database so that the selected indicators always show the latest figures. For more information about the functionalities of the tool please see the help file.



EU2020 Statistics Illustrated

EU2020 Statistics Illustrated icon

The Europe 2020 Statistics Illustrated is a group of tools that displays the crosscutting nature of the eight 2020 indicators in tabular form and a radar chart.

Each of the eight indicators can also be visualised in three components (heatmap, barchart graph and time graph)

Inflation Dashboard

Inflation Dashboard icon

A tool for graphical and dynamic data display of harmonised indices of consumer prices (HICP).

The 'Inflation Dashboard' allows users to select countries and individual product groups and displays relevant data simultaneously in a map, a bar chart and two line charts.

Country Profiles

Country profiles: Image

Country Profiles is a graphic tool which is easy to use and is accessible to everyone. This tool enables:

  • Grouping of indicators according to the country and the region
  • Possibility to consult predefined series of 10-20 indicators by theme
  • Possibility to compare countries

For more information, link to the available TGM for each indicator is provided.

Download the Country Profiles for iPhone, iPad and Android!

Business cycle clock (BCC)

Watch the cyclical development of economic key indicators per country

Eurostat's graphical interface Business cycle clock (BCC) is a tool for displaying, in an animated fashion, developments of the Principal European Economic Indicators within Europe.


The BCC covers a wide field of economic indicators, such as GDP, consumption, investment, exports and imports, (un-)employment, Economic Sentiment, industrial production, etc. For this purpose all the series have been re-calculated in order to reveal only their cyclical component.

Statistical Atlas

Statistical atlas iconStatistical Atlas is an interactive map viewer for statistical and topographi­cal maps. The user can combine geographical information from various "base maps", such as the borders of the NUTS regions or the Urban Audit cities, with information from statistical maps.



Various functionalities are offered to view the details of the map display:


  • Zooming in and out on Europe and outermost regions
  • Changing the transparency settings of the map layers
  • Retrieving the code, geographical label and statistical value of a specific NUTS region or Urban Audit city.


The Statistical atlas contains all the maps from the Eurostat regional yearbook 2012 sorted by publication themes and chapters.

Mobile Apps

EU Economy

EU Economy App Would you like an instant overview of the European Economy available at any time right in your hand? Available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Scan QR code: Android

Scan QR code: Android

Scan the QR code: iPhone

Scan the QR code: iPhone

Country Profiles

Country Profiles The Country Profiles app for your smartphone or tablet provides you with real-time updates of some 160 key statistical data from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. iPhone, iPad and Android!

Scan QR code: Android

Scan QR code: Android


Scan QR code: iPhone/iPad

Scan QR code: iPhone/iPad

Eurostat Quiz

Eurostat Quiz Eurostat Quiz is a fun app to test your and your friends’ knowledge about the EU and its Member States. iPhone, iPad and Android!

Scan QR code: Android

Scan QR code: Android


Scan QR code: iPhone/iPad

Scan QR code: iPhone/iPad

Extraction tools

Tables, Graphs and Maps (TGM)
TGM icon

Improved, single style tool for downloads and prints of tables, graphs and maps. Choice of various download formats and functionalities available. It provides full size TGM window view depending on the screen resolution:
  • Table:  
     Display (or not) of footnotes/flags, labels and codes. Presentation of predefined tables with three dimensional data. 
  • Graph:  
      Possibility to modify the type and the scale of the graphs  
      Improved display of pie charts 
  • Map:  
      Improved map navigation 
      Map co-ordinates that can be included in the bookmark  
      Detailed display of regional statistics

Data Explorer
Data Explorer icon

Is a common tool to extract data. It provides a single interface, easy to use for all the Eurostat databases, for all types of users. Data is accessible via the navigation tree and displays a table by default.

Navigation tree included in the application (with a search function) enables:

  • To customize the navigation tree
  • To display the new added datasets, last updates and last visited datasets

Table by default can be customized in an interactive and dynamic way:

  • Selection (or un-selection) of elements that the user wants to see (or not) in the table. For each change, possibility to display the modified table is available on the right of the screen
  • Possibility to hide or display selected rows and columns
  • Possibility to interchange rows between themselves (or columns)
  • Possibility to interchange rows with columns.

Links to the same subject (publications, other datasets...) are available. Data explorer offer advanced functions for professional users and various download formats for tables: xls, txt, html, spss, pc axis...

Extraction tools for automatic download
  • Your browser may not support display of this image. Bulk download is a available for downloading the complete table in TSV format (applicable after Registration) – see the manual for more information.
  • SDMX Web Services - a programmatic access to Eurostat data, with the possibility to get a complete list of publicly available datasets, detail the complete structure definition of a given dataset and download a subset of a given dataset or a full dataset.
Other data extraction tools

For the time being other data extraction tools are available online:
Last update 27.05.2014