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Owner-Occupied housing

The Owner-Occupied Housing (OOH) price indices in the framework of HICP are established in Commission Regulation (EC) No 93/2013 of 1 February 2013.


Commission Regulation (EC) No 93/2013 makes reference to a Methodological manual which covers the most important principles and aspects of the methodological framework for Owner-Occupied Housing and House Price Indices (HPI) produced pursuant to the Regulation.


The Manual referred to in Commission Regulation (EC) No 93/2013 derives its principles from the material collected in the Detailed Technical Manual on Owner-Occupied Housing (version 2.0, March 2012). 


The Detailed Technical Manual is grounded on the experiences that have been put forward by several European statistical offices participating in Eurostat-led OOH pilot work programmes since 2001. Although the primary goal of this detailed manual is to help NSI establishing an operational system of HPI and OOH indices following HICP standards, it may equally benefit all users who wish to learn more on this particular inflation measurement aspect.


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Progress Report on Owner-Occupied Housing
Statistical Programme Committee, Luxembourg 15 February 2007 

Owner-Occupied housing for the HICP
OECD-IMF Workshop, Paris 6-7 November 2006

Owner-Occupied Housing in the HICP - Progress report
Statistical Programme Committee, Luxembourg, 27 May 2004


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