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Prices data for Market Monitoring

Consumer Prices Research

       Consumer prices research - November 2013


      In 2013, Eurostat and National Statistical Institutes (NSIs) carried out a fifth pilot project for the provision of data on price levels for a number of consumer goods and services, with reference to 2012. This work is to be seen as an extension to existing work on price statistics that includes the Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) and Purchasing Power Parities (PPP). Both HICPs and PPPs are compiled as index numbers. Those two statistics show, respectively, aggregate data on the development of price levels over time and comparisons of price levels across countries. This project aims to present indicative price levels for specific groups of products as an additional set of price data. It is by no means a replacement for the measurement of inflation (HICP) or international price level comparisons (PPPs).


      This report provides results from the fifth pilot and explains the strengths and limitations of those results. It should be stressed that the results provided in this report are to be interpreted as indicative price levels for those product groups that consumers usually or typically buy nationally; they do not necessarily represent official national average prices.


      Eurostat and NSIs are currently preparing further research studies for 2013-2014 on the use of HICP, PPP and other alternative data sources to develop multi-purpose consumer price statistics. This shall lead to decisions for the medium-term on how to make available detailed data on price indices and indicative price levels.

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      European Food Price Monitoring Tool

        On 28 October  2009 the  European  Commission  published  a Communication on  'A better functioning food supply chain in Europe'.


        Among other challenges identified in this communication, the Commission seeks to 'increase transparency along the food supply chain to encourage competition and improve its resilience to price volatility'. One step towards increased transparency is the creation of a European food price monitoring tool.


        In parallel to the Commission Communication, Eurostat is publishing a first version of such a tool, putting together data collected by Eurostat and National Statistical Offices. The primary aim of this tool is to bring together the available data on price developments in the different steps of the supply chain, comparing price developments for the relevant agricultural commodities, for the relevant food industries as well as for the chosen consumer goods.


        Some new and additional data has been collected and included in the monitoring tool a set of 8 more detailed HICP indices provided by the NSIs for this purpose.

        More information about this new monitoring tool can be found here.

        The Food Price Monitoring Tool (FPMT) tool itself is directly accessible through the links below:

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