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Advisory group

The Advisory Group for the co-ordination of EU technical cooperation on statistics in Africa was set up by decision of the Statistical Programming Committee (SPC) in May 2006 with a mandate of initiating a "joined-up" approach for EU efforts in statistical capacity building in developing countries. The group is chaired by Eurostat and comprises representatives of National Statistical Institutes (NSIs) or development departments in Member States and EEA countries, the EFTA secretariat, Paris21 and World Bank. Eurostat provides the secretariat. One meeting is held annually in Luxembourg.


Minutes - 19.7.2006
Minutes - 19.3.2007
Minutes - 23.4.2008
Minutes - 18.3.2009
Minutes - 17.3.2010

Best practices and experiences

Effective statistical initiatives and good practices within Africa
Handbook for dissemination policy
Handbook on information technologies
Marrakech action plan for statistics
The case of twinning in Mozambique - a model for other countries

Terms of reference - (statistical) in-country donor groups
Ivory Coast (in FR)
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