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Essential SNA: building the basics

“Essential SNA: building the basics” project

Within the framework of international cooperation, Eurostat is conducting a series of projects that aim at a successful implementation of the System of National Accounts (SNA) in the Least Developed Countries, micro-states and other countries that have not implemented it yet. It also seeks to help those countries in adapting and improving their statistical systems. “Essential SNA: building the basics” is a practical handbook for SNA implementation for that group of countries in full compliance with 2008 SNA.

Target countries

In 1995 the Inter Secretariat Working Group on National Accounts (ISWGNA) defined criteria to assess the progress regarding the implementation of the SNA at the country level. Those “milestones” consist in a set of requirements broken down in six levels. Countries at level 0 are characterized by those who have not reached comprehensive estimates of SNA, but for which there are some of the following surveys and estimates like:

  • industrial output
  • foreign trade
  • prices
  • employment
  • retail trade
  • construction output
  • household expenditures
  • balance of payments, etc.

Countries at level 0 are the main target of the Handbook, but countries at higher levels can also find it useful.

Future activities (2011/13)

  • Testing the handbook prototype in some selected countries,
  • Updating regularly the handbook taking also into account the outcome of tests and feedback from users and stakeholders,
  • Translating the handbook from English into French and Spanish,
  • Organising a help desk function for users of the handbook,
  • Organising workshops at regional and national level,
  • Producing e-learning modules based on the material in the handbook.

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Last update 24.08.2011