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Labour disputes

These statistics cover stoppages of work caused by labour disputes connected with terms and conditions of employment between employers and workers, or between workers themselves. Stoppages can be the result of strikes or lockouts depending on whether the worker or the employer is responsible.

Methods and definitions regarding the data collection are based on the 'Resolution concerning statistics of strikes, lockouts and other action due to labour disputes', adopted by the Fifteenth International Conference of Labour Statisticians (Geneva, 1993).

Data is published on two main measures of labour disputes: working days lost and workers involved. In order to facilitate cross-country comparisons, rates per 1 000 workers are calculated. The series are characterised by volatility across countries and over time, since they highly depend on a specific political and economic context.

The tables include series for EU aggregates and country level for total of economic activities. Breakdowns by main groupings of economic activity are available at national level.

The data collection is conducted by the International Labour Office (ILO). These data are not published by Eurostat but can be found on the website of the ILO at:
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Last update 20.06.2013