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Community Innovation Survey (CIS)


Description of dataset


The Community Innovation Survey (CIS) based innovation statistics are part of the EU science and technology statistics. Surveys are carried out with two years' frequency by EU member states and number of ESS member countries.  Compiling CIS data is voluntary to the countries, which means that in different surveys years different countries are involved.

The CIS is a survey of innovation activity in enterprises. The harmonised survey is designed to provide information on the innovativeness of sectors by type of enterprises, on the different types of innovation and on various aspects of the development of an innovation, such as the objectives, the sources of information, the public funding, the innovation expenditures etc. The CIS provides statistics broken down by countries, type of innovators, economic activities and size classes.


New microdata release normally takes  place two and half years after the end of the survey reference period. CIS microdata can be accessed via CD-ROMs (scientific-use files) and in the Safe Center at Eurostat's premises in Luxembourg.


  • The CIS 2010 non-anonymised microdata in the Eurostat Safe Centre covers:
    - CD-ROM release is currently under preparation. 
  •  The CIS 2008 anonymised CD-ROM release covers:
    - 16 countries: BG-CY-CZ-DE-EE-ES-HU-IE-IT-LT-LV-PT-RO-SI-SK-NO
    Non-anonymised Eurostat Safe Centre release covers:
  •  The CIS 2006 anonymised CD-ROM release covers:
    - 14 countries: BG-CY-CZ-EE-EL-ES-HU-LT-LV-PT-RO-SI-SK-NO
    Non-anonymised Eurostat Safe Centre release covers:
  • The CIS 4 was implemented based on the reference year 2004. The anonymised CD-ROM release covers:
    - 16 countries BE-BG-CZ-DE-EE-EL-ES-HU-IT-LT-LV-PT-RO-SI-SK-NO
    Non-anonymised Eurostat Safe Centre release covers:
    - 20 countries: BG-CZ-DK-EE-EL-ES-FI-FR-HU-IT-LT-LU-LV-PT-RO-SE-SI-SK-NO-IS  
  • The CIS 3 was implemented based on the reference years 2000/2001. The anonymised CD-ROM release covers:
    - 15 countries BE-BG-CZ-DE-EE-EL-ES-HU-LT-LV-PT-RO-SK-NO-IS.
    Non-anonymised Eurostat Safe Centre release covers:

CIS 2010 Survey Questionnaire

CIS 2008 Survey Questionnaire

CIS 2006 Survey Questionnaire

CIS 4 Survey Questionnaire

CIS 3 Survey Questionnaire

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