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National accounts (including GDP)

This section provides access to a selection of methodological and other background information regarding core national accounts aggregates such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and its main components.

Data Compilation

National accounts are compiled in accordance with the European System of Accounts 1995 (ESA 95), the EU manual for national accounts.

Eurostat compiles European national accounts by combining the Member States' data.

Each Member State compiles its own national accounts, through an institution appointed by its government, such as its National Statistical Office or its National Central Bank.

Member States regularly transmit national accounts data to Eurostat as agreed in the ESA95 transmission programme (ESA95TP), which has legal status in the EU.

Limited information exists on EFTA countries, EU Candidate countries, the USA and Japan. This information is obtained from, the National statistical authorities.

Latest News

Dissemination of ESA 2010 data starts for main GDP aggregates


Information on the transition to ESA 2010


Eurostat Handbook on quarterly national accounts (2013 edition)

Some changes in the dissemination of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and its main components from 15 January 2014 onwards

NACE Rev.2 in NA

New reference year for national accounts

NDP in addition to GDP

New national accounts aggregates for employment

Quarterly national accounts at annualised growth rates

New national accounts tables. Introducing NACE A60 breakdown, removing NACE A17

New national accounts tables with productivity-related indicators

National accounts volumes 'at constant prices' in the database will be phased out

Long GDP series for historic EU totals

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