Statistics Iceland recognises the importance of having highly qualified and motivated staff. To live up to our standards we need to create an environment suitable for ambitious professionals so that they may fully use their education, experience and interests.  To achieve this we are guided by our HR policy where the central theme is the mutual responsibility of management and employees to continuously work towards the following objectives:  

  • To ensure a qualified, enthusiastic and reliable work force
  • To ensure quality work environment and resources for all employees
  • To guarantee that Statistics Iceland is perceived as a desirable place to work for ambitious professionals and a place for providing further expert development
  • To promote cooperation and mutual trust amongst employees
  • To promote opportunities for employees for professional development to further increase their qualifications and broaden their spectrum
  • To guarantee equality in the work place
  • To aid employees in balancing family obligations with the job role
  • To promote employee awareness of the function, responsibilities and role of the organisation.