Meet our Director-General

Mr Ólafur Hjálmarsson has been appointed as Director General of Statistics Iceland as of March 2008.

He replaces Mr. Hallgrimur Snorrason, who served as Director General of Statistics Iceland since January 1985.

CV of Ólafur Hjálmarsson


Mission statement

The mission of Statistics Iceland is to render statistical information about the society and ensure that reliability, integrity and impartiality are the corner stones of official statistics. Statistics Iceland does its utmost to enable the government, the economy and the public to base their decisions on reliable sources by publishing timely statistics with equal access for everyone. Statistics Iceland is a Government Ministry but is professionally autonomous.


The role of Statistics Iceland

According to the Statutes of the Central Government Administration, Statistics Iceland is responsible for the following affairs:

  • Organising, coordinating and producing Iceland's official statistics.
  • Collecting data and processing statistics on economic and social conditions in Iceland, providing statistical information and issuing statistical reports.
  • Compiling national accounts.
  • Developing and computing price and wage indices.
  • Communications and cooperation with international bodies in the field of statistics.



Statistics Iceland is formally a Government Ministry. The chief executive officer of Statistics Iceland is the Director-General. Hallgrímur Snorrason has held that office since 1985. Management and finance appertain to the Director-General and the financial manager is Hólmfríður Gísladóttir.

Statistics Iceland is divided into three divisions – economic statistics, social statistics and resources and services. The present organisation chart of Statistics Iceland is effective as of April 2007.

The division of economic statistics comprises five departments. The department of business statistics produces statistics on enterprises, fish catch, manufactured products, IT use and more. A special department deals with statistics on public finances and sector accounts. The external trade department processes data on imports, exports, and balance of trade. The national accounts department is responsible for the annual production and expenditure accounts, quarterly national accounts, income distribution and short term indicators. The price statistics department compiles the consumer price index, building cost index, producer price index and related indices. The Director of the division of economic statistics is Rósmundur Guðnason.

The division of social statistics comprises four departments. Data on education, culture and media is collected and produced in the department of education and culture. The department of labour market and social statistics deals with statistics on employment, living conditions and social matters, health, gender, justice and environment statistics. The population statistics department produces demographic and population statistics. The department of wage statistics collects and produces data on wages, earnings and labour cost. The Director of the social statistics division is Magnús S. Magnússon who also serves as the Deputy Director-General.

The resources and services division is responsible for support of and services for the operation of Statistics Iceland and comprises of two departments, surveys and IT and dissemination. Surveys conducts researches and collects data for the production of statistics within Statistics Iceland. IT and dissemination provides statistical information for the public, is responsible for publishing and web management, and for the operation and the development of the IT-system of the institution. The resources and services division also deals with IT development, methods and standards, classifications and quality management. The Director of the resources and services division is Hrafnhildur Arnkelsdóttir.

The management board is formed by the Director-General, the division Directors and the Financial Manager.