Legal Basis

The activities of the Office of Statistics Liechtenstein are based on the Statistics Act of 2008. This act, together with the obligations arising under the EEA Agreement, forms the framework for the statistical work.

EEA Agreement

Liechtenstein has been a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1 May 1995. The EEA Agreement between the EU member states and the three EFTA states of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway also regulates statistical cooperation. Under the EEA Agreement the member states are responsible for producing and disseminating coherent and comparable statistics to describe and monitor all relevant economic, social and ecological aspects of the European Economic Area. For this purpose the member states develop and employ harmonised methods, definitions and classifications as well as joint programmes and procedures.

Satistics Act

The Statistics Act of September 17th, 2008, regulates:

    • the role and organisation of the Office of Statistics
    • data collection, data protection and statistical publications 
    • cooperation with government and municipal authorities, members of the European Statistical System as well as international organisations in the field of statistics

The professional independence of the Office of Statistics is embedded in the Statistics Act. In the Statistics Ordinance of  July 7th, 2009, there are detailed provisions relating to the statistical registers and publications.

Code of Practice

The European Code of Practice for official statistics was integrated into the new Statistics Act of 2008. According to the Statistics Act, the Office of Statistics is required to follow the principles of the European Statistical System when carrying out its duties. The principles of the Code of Practice are listed in the Statistics Act.

Statistical Commitee

The work of the Office of Statistics is supported by the Statistical Committee. According to the provisions of the Statistics Act, the government appoints a Statistical Committee every four years. The task of the Committee is to examine all questions concerning statistics that are referred to them by the Government or the Office of Statistics. Additional tasks of the Statistical Committee include the evaluation of the multiannual statistical program as well as the assessment of any changes to the Statistics Act or the Statistics Ordinance.