Statistical Publications

The Office of Statistics publication program includes 28 different publications. Some of the most important publications are the Statistical Yearbook, Liechtenstein in Figures, the population statistics, employment statistics and national accounts. Each year more than 60 statistical publications are released.The statistical information covers the following topics:

  • Environment and energy
  • Population and housing 
  • Labour market
  • Economy
  • Sustainable development
  • Transport
  • Social Protection and Health
  • Education 
  • Justice and Politics
  • Public Finance


All statistical publications and news are available on the website of the Office of Statistics Liechtenstein. They can be easily accessed, downloaded and printed free of charge. Data tables can be downloaded as Excel files. The Statistical Yearbook and the booklet Liechtenstein in Figures are also available on the website.


The statistical publications on the various topics each contain information on the methodology, data sources and the terms used.  Various publications also include information on quality in accordance with the ESS standard for Quality Reports.