Strategy 2008-2012

The Strategy for the Development of the National Statistical System 2008 – 2012 outlines the vision, the objective and priorities of development of NSS up to 2012 by building up on the Strategy for Development of Statistics for the 2000–2006 period and further proceeding with the work under the conditions of Bulgaria’s full EU membership. The Strategy outlines also the concrete directions for development of the different fields of statistics, as well as the tasks related to the speeded implementation of contemporary information and communication technologies in the production and dissemination of statistical information.

The Strategy is put into practice through the annual National Programmes for Statistical Surveys (NPSS) and annual Operational plans for its implementation, discussed and adopted by the National Statistical Council and approved by the Council of Ministers.

Code of Practice

The Peer review final report on the implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice in the NSI of Bulgaria is available online.

Statistics Law

The Statistical Law of June 1999 defines the basic conditions, procedures and general provisions governing official statistics in Bulgaria.

National Statistical System

The Bulgarian National Statistical System consists of the National Statistical Institute, the Bodies of Statistics and the Bulgarian National Bank. The Bodies of Statistics are state bodies or their structural units, which develop, produce and disseminate statistical information. The National Statistical System carries out the statistical activity by conducting statistical surveys and activities, included in the National Statistical Programme. The NSI coordinates the statistical activities of the state.

Historical review

The National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria celebrated 100 years of official statistics in 1981. More