Statistical Programme

The annual Statistical Programmes are structured by domains and themes according to the European statistical programme.

The National Statistical Programme for 2014 is elaborated in accordance with Chapter Three of the Law on Statistics. The programme includes Plan for activity of National Statistical Institute (NSI) and the Plans for statistical activities of the Bodies of Statistics.

Advance Release Calendar

The BNSI Advance Release Calendar

Catalogue of statistical publications

The Catalogue of statistical publications 2015 contains detailed and clearly structured information about NSI printed and electronic publications to be issued in 2015. The Catalogue is a quick reference guide including information about every issue - content, type (printed or electronic version), periodicity, price, date of issue and international identification number. The publications are set up in three themes - General Publications, Population and Social Statistics and Economy. 

In line with international practice, the National Statistical Institute provides a relevant electronic version of the printed publications on CD-Rom and NSI website, as well us publications available only on CD-Rom.