Leadership of the National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria

The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria has appointed Mr. Sergey Tsvetarsky as President of the National Statistical Institute as of June 2014. 

Sergey Tsvetarsky graduated from the University of National and World Economy - Sofia, specialty "Statistics". In his career since 1982, Mr. Tsvetarsky has held various expert and management positions at the NSI. More than 30 years he has worked for the development of the national statistical system.

In his career, the President of the NSI has participated in various projects of national and international significance.

Sergey Tsvetarsky is the author of numerous scientific publications in the field of demographic statistics published in Bulgarian and foreign editions, which contributes to the development of statistics as a science and practice.

CV of Mr Tsvetarsky

NSI in Brief

Vision and Main Development Objective of the National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria

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"Putting the user first — Sigma meets the former President of the Bulgarian National Statistical Institute" - Interview with Mariana Kotzeva on Sigma, the bulletin of European statistics, issue 3/2008, page 59.