The publications are the standard output from the statistical surveys except for the databases - the CZSO publishes every year about 300 of them, some of them monthly, other three times a year and the rest once a year. The publications appear according to the Catalogue of publications.

Where can you have a look at them or get them? You can get publications in printed or electronic version. They can be ordered by e-mail. On our Internet presentation are publications available in full version.

Registers and Databases

The Database of Business Registers (BR) offers information from the Business Register of the Czech Republic. We offer users the possibility to order a complete database or a selection from the database according to their own specification including search for a concrete business by identification number ("ICO") or name. Selection criteria can be entered according to the range of attributes of an information record of the BR. The entire register is provided on compact disc; selections from the register according to the criteria specified on floppy disc and in limited series depending on the number of the addresses required also in the printed output form. An updated version of the register is available monthly. See Classifications, methodology, registers; Information on prices for more detailed information.

Business Register maintained by the Czech Statistical Office in compliance with Article 20 of Act No. 89/1995 Coll., on the State Statistical Service, is a public list in the scope determined by the Act. An entry to the register has a meaning of registration only. Businesses, which are legal entities and natural persons with the status of an entrepreneur, are recorded in the register on the basis of the data obtained by the CZSO in compliance with special regulations or the Act on the State Statistical Service. The register is regularly updated; quarterly information on the number of registered businesses according to selected basic classification criteria is available. Basic characteristics of businesses and entrepreneurs in the CR are specified in the publications brought out up to now.

Assigning of "ICO" (identification number) - to each business an identification number (ICO) is assigned. The numbers are assigned to incorporated legal persons by the Register Court, to natural persons carrying out a trade by the trade licensing office and to other businesses by the Czech Statistical Office. A directive of the President of CZSO regulates the ICO assigning procedure of the CZSO.

Providing of data from BR - data on a business mentioned in Article 20 (3) a) to j) are public and can be provided to everybody who asks for them, either for free or for an agreed price individually for a business, in the form of an extract from the BR or as a data file with a given structure in the scope of the entire BR or a defined subset.

News releases

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