Legal Framework

The National Statistics Institute is a legally independent administrative Autonomous institution assigned to the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

It is basically governed by Law 12/1989 of 9 May on Public Statistics Function, that regulates statistical activity for state purposes which is the exclusive competence of the State under the terms envisaged in article 149.1.31 of the Constitution. This law also governs the planning and compilation of statistics with state purposes carried out by the State Administration and its dependant entities, as well as the organisation of its statistical services and its relations as regards statistical matters with Autonomous Communities, local corporations, the European Union and international organisations.

Statistical Committees

The High Council on Statistics is a consultative organ of the state statistical services that ensures the social participation of the respondents, producers and users of statistics. It represents the trade union and business organisations and other social, economic and academic groups and institutions, alongside the Ministerial Departments and the National Statistics Institute.

The Interministerial Statistics Commission is a participative organ of the statistical services in charge of compiling statistics in the scope of the State Central Administration. It aims to coordinate the activities of different services.

The Interterritorial Statistics Committee ensures the coordination, cooperation and homogenisation in terms of statistics between the State and the Autonomous Communities.

Statistical Planning

The National Statistics Plan contains the statistics that must be developed in the four year period by the State General Administration's services or any other entity dependent on it It is formulated with the collaboration of Ministerial Departments and the Bank of Spain and approved by the Government.

Strategic lines for 2013-2016

The 2013-2016 National Statistical Plan establishes a nucleus of essential statistics that the State administration must carry out. The strategic lines to guide the whole of statistical activity during this period are:

  • The commitment to “good practice”, whereby the statistical services responsible for the statistics in the 2013-2016 plan adopt the principles established in the “European Statistics Code of Practice”.
  • The definition of a new production process model that is more integrated and standardized, with corporate storage systems. This will be based on:
    • Developing the use of administrative sources.
    • Exploiting the potential of new information technologies and communication.
    • Exploring new emerging areas of information.
    • Performance within a quality framework.

Annual Report