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Publish Date: 22-SEP-14
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Publish Date: 28-MAY-14
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Publish Date: 19-FEB-14

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CPI flash estimate. October 2014. The annual change of the flash estimate of the CPI stands at -0.1% in the month of October, one tenth higher than that registered in September. More detailed information
HICP flash estimated. October 2014. The HICP flash estimated registers its annual rate as -0.2%. More detailed information
GDP Flash estimate. 3rd Quarter 2014. Gross Domestic Product registers variation of 0.5% in the third quarter of 2014. The interannual variation is 1.6%. More detailed information
RTI. September 2014. The monthly change of the Retail Trade Index at constant prices stands at -1.8% after adjusting the calendar and seasonal effects. The annual rate of the General Retail Trade Index at constant prices stands at 1.1% in the adjusted for calendar and seasonal effects series and at 2.9% in the original series. More detailed information
Household Projection 2014-2029. The INE presents the new statistical operation "Household Projection 2014-2029". If the current trends are maintained, the number of households would stand at 19.2 millions in 2029, almost a million more than at present. More detailed information
Population Projection for Spain, 2014-2064. If the current demographic trends continue, Spain will lose one million inhabitants in the next 15 years and 5.6 million in the next 50 years. The percentage of people over 65 years of age, which currently stands at 18.2%, will pass on to 24.9% in 2029 and 38.7% in 2064. More detailed information
M. August 2014. The number of mortgages was 15,040 in August, 23.8% more than registered in the same month of 2013. The average value of the mortgages constituted in August increases 5.8% in the interannual rate, standing at 102,430 euros. More detailed information
Survey on the use of water in the agricultural sector. Year 2012. The amount of irrigation water used in the agricultural sector in 2012 decreases 3.1% as compared with the previous year. More detailed information
Municipal elections 24th May 2015. EU citizens may vote in the municipal elections if they express their wish to exercise that right in Spain. The deadline for expressing the wish to vote in the next municipal elections finishes on 30th December 2014. The Electoral Census Office has sent a communication to 757,495 EU citizens to enable the paperwork . More detailed information
IPRI. September 2014. The annual rate of the Industrial Prices stands at -0.3%, three tenths higher than that registered in August. The monthly variation rate of the Industrial Price Index is 0.5%. More detailed information
Last update: 30.10.2014