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INE figures is the statistical news bulletin created by the Institute. Its content is almost monographic although there are fixed sections dedicated to covering publications which have appeared or the most recent short term economic or corporate indicators.

The Statistical Yearbook of Spain is one of INE's most emblematic works. Published yearly since 1858, it includes general statistical information, gathering data from different internal and external INE sources. It presents a quantitative reflection of Spain's economic, social and demographic reality. Furthermore, each edition also includes a small synthesis of international data.

Works published between 1858-1997 can be consulted using the INE's virtual library: INEbase history, which reproduces the original indices of the publications and the corresponding tables in PDF.

Spain in Figures provides an updated panorama of the most relevant demographic, social and economic aspects of our country and its surrounding environment, providing data from both the INE and other statistical sources. With this purpose, its different chapters collect data taken from the Institute itself, as well as from other official statistical sources, national or international. Published annually.

Spain in the 27 state EU presents a series of basic indicators to ascertain the situation of this country in the EU. An informative publication, comprising a series of graphs, maps and comments on topics as varied as population, economics, employment, society, and energy and the environment, offering a viewpoint of the situation of this country in the framework of the European Union.

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