Meet our Director General

In 1998 Aija Žigure was appointed President of the CSB. Under her leadership Statistics Latvia prepared to join the European Statistical System.

Aija Žigure undertook doctoral studies at the University of Latvia, faculty of Economics and Management and delivered the course “Quantitative Methods in Economics” at the School of Business Administration “Turiba” for three years.

Aija Žigure is a board member of the Latvian Statistical Association. She has written several publications and scientific papers on statistical issues. She has shared her experience and knowledge with statisticians from developing countries and the CIS on restructuring the Latvian Statistical System according to the requirements of the European Statistical System.

CV of Aija Žigure

CSB mission and vision

The main objective (mission) of the CSB is to provide domestic and foreign data users with timely, precise, complete, comprehensible and internationally comparable statistical information on the economic, demographic, social and environmental phenomena and processes, using contemporary solutions of information technologies and best practices in the field.


CSB is the main coordinator of statistical processes and producer of the statistical information in Latvia. The quality of information produced by the CSB corresponds to standards of the European Statistics Code of Practice. CSB data collection, processing and dissemination principles are appropriately documented, publicly available and entirely correspond to the international examples of best practice.

Within the process of data compilation the CSB applies data collection tools, alternative data sources, data processing methods and mathematical models, which enable the reduction of respondent burden.

User – friendly methods are applied for dissemination of statistical data – Internet has become the primary dissemination channel. Statistical information is supplemented with the quality reports.

The CSB experts are well – educated and can defend national positions and interests on international scale. Personnel training policy ensures rapid acquisition of new skills as well as facilitates improvement of current employee competences.


The core value of the CSB is highly-educated, professional, quality- and goal-oriented personnel.

Organisation structure

CSB’s key functions – production of statistical information – are carried out by six departments and two independent divisions:

  • Business Statistics Department,
  • Social Statistics Department,
  • Agricultural and Environment Statistics Department,
  • Price Statistics Department, 
  • Macroeconomic Statistics Department, 
  • Statistical Data Processing Department,
  • Mathematical Support Division and
  • Statistical Methodology and Organisation Division.

The collection of statistical data from respondents is carried out by four data collection and processing centres, three of which are located outside Riga.

Support functions in the CSB are provided by:

  • Administrative Department
  • Legal and Corporate Services Department
  • Information, Publishing and Printing Department
  • Information Technologies Department
  • Strategic Planning and Resources Management Department 
  • EU Affairs Coordination Division
  • Technical Operation and Maintenance Section.

CSB organisation chart