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Publish Date: 18-SEP-14
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Publish Date: 06-JUN-14

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Average procurement price of rye for 11 quarters preceding the quarter preceding the tax year 2015 was PLN 61,37 zł za 1 dt.
According to the preliminary data, sold production of industry in constant prices (in enterprises employing more than 9 persons), in September of 2014, was by 4.2% higher than in the previous year (when an increase by 6.3% was recorded) and by 16.5% higher than in August of 2014. After eliminating the seasonal factors, sold production of industry reached the level higher by 1.9% than in the corresponding month of the previous year and by 1.0% higher than in August of 2014.
According to preliminary data, the prices of sold production of industry in September 2014 were by 0.1% higher than in the previous month.
In the period of nine months of 2014, the number of dwellings for which building permits have been granted amounted to 120254, i.e. by 14.8% more than in the corresponding period of 2013 (in which a drop by 18.1% was recorded). The number of dwellings in which construction has begun also increased to 114569, i.e. by 17.0% against a drop by 16.2% the year before.
This supplement to the publication "Transport - activity results in 2013" provides additional tables concerning public roads by road categories and type of surface.
According to the EDP notification, in 2013 the general government deficit was equal to 66 933 mln zl (-4,0% of GDP), while the general government debt amounted to 926 103 mln zl (55,7% of GDP).
Activity of selected types of services, trade activity and retail sales executed by trade and non-trade enterprises. The value and structure of retail sales. Wholesale sales. Network of retail shops by organisational forms, sales area. Constant and seasonal marketplace network. Deliveries of selected consumer goods to supply the country. The producer’s stocks of selected goods. Basic fi nancial indicators of trade enterprises.
Concerns units employing more than 9 persons and conducting economic activity within the scope of the following areas: forestry and logging; marine fishing; mining and quarrying; manufacturing; electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply; water supply (...)
Average monthly wage and salary in enterprise sector excluding payments from profit in September 2014 was PLN 3900,26.
Last update: 22.10.2014