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Publish Date: 18-SEP-14
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Publish Date: 06-JUN-14

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Basic indices on the socio-economic situation of the country with respect to, among others, quarterly GDP estimates, labour market, wages and salaries, social security benefits, population, prices, money and finance, agriculture, industry, construction, transport and trade. Monthly or quarterly data on the socio-economic situation of the EU member states.
Information on the quantity of manufactured production of selected industrial products by PKWiU/PRODPOL (nomenclature for testing industrial products for monthly reporting), including production of final products for sale as well as for further processing within an enterprise, manufactured from own and commissioned material.
Price of one square meter of usable floor space of a residential building in the third quarter of 2014 was PLN 3880.
According to the preliminary data, sold production of industry in constant prices (in enterprises employing more than 9 persons), in October of 2014, was by 1.6% higher than in the previous year (when an increase by 4.6% was recorded) and by 3.5% higher than in September of 2014. After eliminating the seasonal factors, sold production of industry reached the level higher by 1.5% than in the corresponding month of the previous year and by 0.3% higher than in September of 2014.
According to preliminary data, the prices of sold production of industry in October 2014 were by 0.3% lower than in the previous month.
Price index of construction and assembly production in the third quarter 2014 in relation to the second quarter of 2014 stayed on the unchanged level.
Concerns units employing more than 9 persons and conducting economic activity within the scope of the following areas ...
According to preliminary data, in the period of January-October 2014, 114235 dwellings were completed, i.e. by 2.0% less than in the corresponding period of 2012 and by 5.0% less than in 2012 respectively. In the period of ten months of 2014, the number of dwellings for which building permits have been granted amounted to 133622, i.e. by 14.2% more than in the corresponding period 2013 (in which a drop by 17.2% was recorded). The number of dwellings in which the construction has begun also increased to 129020, i.e. by 15.6% against a drop by 12.1% the year before.
Average monthly wage and salary in enterprise sector excluding payments from profit in October 2014 was PLN 3980,82
Last update: 26.11.2014