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Publish Date: 18-SEP-14
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Publish Date: 06-JUN-14

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The level of economic activity of the population by demographic and social characteristics. Employed persons by occupational characteristics, employment status and working time. Characteristics of the unemployed (duration of unemployment, methods of looking for a job, professional experience) and the situation of disabled persons on the labour market. Reasons for economic inactivity.
It contains data on the size and structure of the population by sex and age in all local and administrative units of the country as of 30 June 2014. It provides general information on the demographic situation in the 1st half of 2014. By: regions, voivodships, subregions, powiats, gminas – divided into the urban and rural population.
It describes accidents at work of persons working in the national economy. Information is recorded by employers, concerning per- sons injured in accidents at work. It contains data on accidents at work in private farms, concerning only the accidents as a result of which the injured received a one-off compensation from the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS) due to permanent or long-term health damage. Data on accidents at work suffered by persons conducting economic activity and persons cooperating with them who were granted a one-off accident compensation by the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) is also included.
Employment in national economy in 2013
It provides the number of persons working in the national economy, employment status, selected categories of working persons, foreigners, disabled persons, retired persons, elements of employment changes by recruitment sources and reasons for dismissals.
Registered unemployed persons by voivodships, subregions and powiats. As of the end of September 2014
Information on the quantity of manufactured production of selected industrial products by PKWiU/PRODPOL (nomenclature for testing industrial products for monthly reporting), including production of final products for sale as well as for further processing within an enterprise, manufactured from own and commissioned material.
Statistical Bulletin No 9/2014
Basic indices on the socio-economic situation of the country with respect to, among others, quarterly GDP estimates, labour market, wages and salaries, social security benefits, population, prices, money and finance, agriculture, industry, construction, transport and trade. Monthly or quarterly data on the socio-economic situation of the EU member states.
Demographic Yearbook of Poland 2014
It contains the basic information on the number and structure of the Polish population in 2013, along with retrospective data compiled on the basis of the population balance. It also provides vital statistics (the characteristics of newly-contracted marriages, divorces and separations, as well as births and deaths), along with data on life expectancy and the projections of the status and structure of the population. Information on internal and international migrations of the population, and international comparisons which allow assessing the demographic changes in Poland against other countries are also included, together with selected results of the National Census of Population and Housing 2011.
In the period of January–September of 2014, with the slight improvement of the European economy, in Poland upward trends continued, though in certain areas a slight slowdown was observed in the 3rd quarter.
Last update: 29.10.2014