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Provides also comprehensive set of data on international comparisons   (more ...)  
Publish Date: 06-JUN-14
Innovative database comprising key indicators used for monitoring development policies   (more ...)  
Publish Date: 24-OCT-13
Innovative database comprising key indicators used for monitoring development policies   (more ...)  
Publish Date: 30-SEP-13

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It describes national tourism – the distribution and use of accommodation facilities by Poles and foreign tourists, special diversity of tourism potential in Poland – selected indicators showing the distribution and use of accommodation facilities, international comparisons based on the Eurostat data, equipment of accommodation facilities providing at least 10 lodging places with conveniences for people with motor disabilities, with conference infrastructure, and with sports and recreation devices. It also presents border traffic – the flow of people on the external border of the European Union (among others, arrivals of foreigners and departures of Polish citizens). It contains information on border traffic by various means of transport, along with selected information on the activities of the Polish Tourist Country Lover’s Society (PTTK).
In 2013, the export express in current prices equaled 647,9 mrd (American: billion) PLN, and import 656,1 mrd PLN.
The current study presents information about all resources of Polish economy coming from domestic production and imports and use of these resources for the intermediate consumption, final consumption expenditure by households, non-profit institutions and government, gross fixed capital formation, changes in inventories, valuables and exports purposes in 2010.
Dynamics and levels of prices in essential areas of the national economy. The results are presented as data series (price indices and levels) in tables, in Excel format, constituting databases for a particular thematic area (agriculture, industry, construction, services, retail market, export, import). Constant supply of data, in monthly, quarterly, cumulative and annual periods. The data comes from statistical surveys of the Central Statistical Office and other institutions participating in the integral system of official statistics.
According to the state of January 1st 2014, defining number of administrative units in Poland, there are 16 voivodships, 314 powiats, 66 cities with powiat status and 2 479 gminas.
It describes construction and assembly production conducted in the national economy, including the sales of construction and assembly production in construction entities employing more than 9 persons by groups and forms of ownership, types of facilities, and places of carrying out work (voivodships), the sales of construction and assembly production outside the country by construction and nonconstruction enterprises employing more than 9 persons, as well as price indices of construction and assembly production.
Basic indices on the socio-economic situation of the country with respect to, among others, quarterly GDP estimates, labour market, wages and salaries, social security benefits, population, prices, money and finance, agriculture, industry, construction, transport and trade. Monthly or quarterly data on the socio-economic situation of the EU member states.
Information on socio-economic situation of the country in the 1st half of 2014
Analysis of basic phenomena and processes in national economy, including quarterly estimates of GDP. Tendencies in labour market within the field of inflation and earnings in the key sectors of the national economy (industry, construction, agriculture, market services), foreign trade, as well as in within the scope of money supply and national budget. Additionally, quarterly information on financial performance of non-financial corporations and inputs, stock exchange, demographic processes, as well as arrivals and departures from Poland. Tabular part includes selected indicators of economic situation in the country and basic macroeconomic indicators for the EU.
Information on the quantity of manufactured production of selected industrial products by PKWiU/PRODPOL (nomenclature for testing industrial products for monthly reporting), including production of final products for sale as well as for further processing within an enterprise, manufactured from own and commissioned material.
Energy 2014
This information booklet includes basic information concerning energy in 2013 in Poland.
Last update: 31.07.2014