Quality policy

Statistics Sweden refines data to statistical information through high methodological competence, broad knowledge of subject matter and modern techniques.
The needs of our users and customers will determine our activities.
This quality policy is a starting point and an aid in our work to constantly improve the quality of the statistics, the processes and the operations of Statistics Sweden.

Current Best Methods

As part of the systematic quality work, Statistics Sweden is compiling reports concerning the current best methods within different fields (CBM).

Statistical databases

Since January 1997, Statistics Sweden has had databasesavailable on the Internet. The aim is to provide increased access to statistics and allow users to easily download information to their own computers. The Statistical database contains a large amount of official statistics that Statistics Sweden is responsible for. Also included are official statistics from other statistical authorities. The database contains a number of tables where selected information can be presented on the screen, in print or transmitted to the user's computer for further processing.

The Yearbook

The Statistical yearbook of Sweden contains a large amount of the statistics produced in Sweden in a concentrated form.

Press room

In the Press room you can se press releases that are published and also a list of upcoming press releases. You can also subscribe to receive press releases via RSS. All press releases are published at 09:30

Publishing calendar

The Publishing calendar includes all statistics that are produced by Statistics Sweden and all official statistics from other government agencies responsible for official statistics. The calendar is updated continuously. New statistics on Statistics Sweden's website are published Monday-Friday at 09:30.

Journal of official statistics

This international Journal of official statistics is published by Statistics Sweden and contains articles on statistical theory and methodology, with an emphasis on applications.