Our Director General
Stefan Lundgren

Stefan Lundgren has been appointed the Director General of Statistics Sweden as of 17 December 2009. 




Statistics Sweden's mission

In order to supply customers with good quality statistics to be used as the basis for decision-making, debate and research, Statistics Sweden will:

  • develop, produce and communicate statistics,
  • actively contribute to statistical cooperation on an international level and
  • coordinate and support the Swedish system for official statistics.

Statistics Sweden's mission statement

Statistics Sweden refines data to statistical information for customers through advanced methodological competence, broad knowledge of subject matter and modern techniques in a cost-effective way. The statistics should be impartial, relevant and of good quality, at the same time as being based on scientific principles. We should facilitate the provision of data and protect the collected microdata. In cooperation with others, Statistics Sweden develops common statistical systems, both nationally and internationally. Statistics Sweden is an attractive workplace where the staff are happy with and enjoy their work.

Statistics Sweden's vision

Statistics Sweden is of world class standard in refining data to statistical information, adapted to the customers' needs.

Organisation chart

Organisation chart (updated 22 March 2013)

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