UNECE data available online

UNECE Statistical Database

The UNECE Statistical Database is maintained by the Statistical Division of the UNECE Secretariat. It provides detailed statistical information on countries in Europe, North America and Central Asia. Data are organized by domains and subject or policy areas. Currently two subject domains are included:

  • Macroeconomic statistics
  • Gender statistics

The database is free of charge and data can be exported in several file formats. You can register as user, save your personal data selection and retrieve it for later re-use.

UNECE Member Countries in Figures

UNECE Countries in Figures presents a profile of social and economic indicators for each of the 56 UNECE member countries. These profiles, prepared by the UNECE Statistical Division, are intended to be of general interest to readers not necessarily familiar with statistical terminology or with interpreting statistical tables.

Database of Integrated Statistical Activities (DISA)

This free database provides an overview of the international statistical work going on in the UNECE region.

Gas Centre Database

The UNECE Gas Centre staff is currently developing a database collecting information on most aspects of interest for the actors of market-oriented gas industries and economies in transition.

The project was originally conceived in 1995. The first issue of the database, including data on 18 countries, has been delivered on December 1997. The database is divided into public access and members only sections.

Human Settlements Database

A free database to disseminate data collected for the ECE Bulletin of Housing and Building Statistics and through the Country Profiles on the Housing Sector from a number of both national and international sources.

Timber statistics

The UNECE/FAO Timber Section provides data about timber production, trade, prices and forest fires.

Transport statistics

The UNECE Transport Division provides data on road traffic accidents, volume of traffic, road census, in addition to a transport statistics bulletin and handbook.



The UNECE Statistical Division publishes a range of standards, guidelines and general statistical information both in print and online.


Methodological Papers and Presentations sorted by subject

UNECE work sessions, meetings, workshops and seminars on statistics generate many valuable papers and presentations on statistical methodology. Each meeting has its own web page where these documents and presentations are freely available for download by anyone. A list of subject areas provides links to the web pages of meetings held under each topic.