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Real GDP per capita, growth rate and totals

Please be aware that annual and quarterly national accounts' volume figures are expressed in chain-linked volumes with a reference year 2005. Thus, the figures for this indicator are not comparable with previous releases. For more information, click here.

GDP includes goods and services that have markets (or which could have markets) and products which are produced by general government and non-profit institutions. For measuring the growth rate of real GDP, the GDP at current prices are valued in prices of the previous year and the thus computed volume changes are imposed on the level of a reference year; this is called a chain-linked series. Accordingly, price movements will not inflate the growth rate. Real GDP per capita is calculated as the ratio of real GDP to the average population of a specific year. It is often used as an indicator of how well off a country is, since it is a measure of average real income in that country. However, it is not a complete measure of economic welfare. For example, GDP does not include most unpaid household work. Neither does GDP take account of negative effects of economic activity, like environmental degradation. Real GDP per capita is based on rounded figures. Discrepancies in tables between totals and percentages are due to rounding.
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Code : TSDEC100
Last update : 25.11.2014
Oldest data : 1995
Most recent data : 2013
Number of values : 1457
Theme(s) : Economy and finance
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Last update 28.11.2014