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Healthy life years and life expectancy at birth, by sex

The indicator Healthy Life Years (HLY) at birth measures the number of years that a person at birth is still expected to live in a healthy condition. HLY is a health expectancy indicator which combines information on mortality and morbidity. The data required are the age-specific prevalence (proportions) of the population in healthy and unhealthy conditions and age-specific mortality information. A healthy condition is defined by the absence of limitations in functioning/disability. The indicator is calculated separately for males and females. The indicator is also called disability-free life expectancy (DFLE). Life expectancy at birth is defined as the mean number of years still to be lived by a person at birth -, if subjected throughout the rest of his or her life to the current mortality conditions.
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Additional information
Code : TSDPH100
Last update : 17.11.2014
Oldest data : 2004
Most recent data : 2012
Number of values : 1236
Theme(s) : Population and social conditions
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Last update 21.11.2014