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Classification of learning activities - Manual

CLA is intended to cover all types of learning opportunities and education/learning pathways. It is intended to be universal in nature, applicable in countries irrespective of their level of development or systems of education and learning.
It is designed to serve as an instrument for compiling and presenting comparable statistics and indicators on learning activities both within individual countries and across countries. It covers all intentional and organised learning activities for all age groups.
CLA is to be applied to statistical surveys to collect quantitative information on different aspects of participation of individuals in learning. The CLA has been designed to cover and serve the scope of the European Union Adult Education Survey (AES). However, other EU household surveys (e.g. LFS, TUS, etc) as well as specific enterprise surveys (e.g. CVTS) may use it if it is adequate for their needs.

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Release date: 03-JULY -06
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Additional information
Product code: KS-BF-06-002
ISBN: 92-79-01806-X
ISSN: 1725-0056

Theme(s): Population and social conditions
Collection: Manuals and guidelines
Last update 28.11.2014