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Everything on transport statistics - Data 1970-2002 (DVD)

This Everything on transport statistics DVD-ROM is a repository of all public documents and data related to transport statistics in Europe and main partner countries. It contains about 27 million items of statistical data and more than 900 documents, mostly produced by Eurostat’s transport unit. Some documents related to transport statistics are also issued from other units of Eurostat (environment, business statistics, regional data, ...) or from other DGs of the European Commission, such as the Directorate-General for Energy and Transport. This work relies on the European statistical system, which for transport statistics is mainly represented by the national statistical institutes and the ministries of transport of the European Union Member States plus Norway and Switzerland. This third edition gives access to new data, publications and legal acts related to statistics for all transport modes.

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Everything on transport statistics - Data 1970-2002 (DVD)
Price:  20 EUR
Format: CD-ROM / DVD
Release date: 17-JANUARY -05
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Product code: KS-DX-04-001
ISBN: 92-894-8463-2

Theme(s): Transport
Collection: Statistical books
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