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ESS Guidelines on Seasonal Adjustment

ESS guidelines on seasonal adjustment represent an important step towards the harmonisation of seasonal and calendar adjustment practices within the ESS and in Eurostat. A common policy for the seasonal and calendar adjustment of Principal European Economic Indicators (PEEIs) and more generally of all infra-annual statistics will improve the quality and comparability of the national data as well as enhance the overall quality of European Union and euro area aggregates. The guidelines have been endorsed by the Statistical Programme Committee on 14 February 2008 which supported their implementation by statistical domain and country. The guidelines cover all the key steps of the seasonal and calendar adjustment process. They are structured in seven main chapters which are further subdivided into specific items. The added value of such structure consists of the presentation of both the theoretical aspects and the practical implementation issues in a friendly and easy to read framework, useful as well as for experienced users and beginners.

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Release date: 05-JUNE -09
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Additional information
Product code: KS-RA-09-006
ISBN: 978-92-79-12307-8
ISSN: 1977-0375
Digital Object Identifier (DOI): 10.2785/20152

Theme(s): General and regional statistics
Collection: Manuals and guidelines
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