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Peer reviews in the European Statistical System

Peer reviews are part of the European Statistical System (EES) strategy to implement the Code of Practice (CoP). Their objective is to enhance the integrity, independence and accountability of the statistical authorities which make up the ESS. A first round of peer reviews was carried out in 2006­-2008. A second round was launched in December 2013. Both rounds cover all the EU Member States and the EFTA Member States Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.


An overview of the general framework for the peer reviews and the main characteristics of each round are described in:

 Peer reviews in the European Statistical System.


The second round of peer reviews (2014-2015)


You can find below the questionnaires to be completed by the national statistical authorities (NSIs). These are a full and a light questionnaire on compliance with the CoP, a questionnaire on coordination within the statistical system, and a questionnaire on cooperation within and integration of the ESS. Two guides explaining the exercise, one for the statistical authorities and one for the peer reviewers, are also provided.


 Self-assessment questionnaire on the implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice

 Light Self-assessment questionnaire on the implementation of the European Statistics Code of Practice

 Questionnaire on the Coordination role of the NSIs

 Questionnaire on cooperation/level of integration achieved by the ESS

 Guide for NSIs and Other National Authorities

 Guide for Peer Reviewers


Two pilot peer review visits were carried out in 2013 in the Slovak Republic (July) and Iceland (September). You can find below the peer review reports and the improvement actions in response to the recommendations from these visits.


 Slovac Republic           Report     Improvement actions


 Iceland                       Report     Improvement actions


The peer review of Eurostat is conducted by the European Statistical Governance Advisory Board (ESGAB) applying the methodology developed for the NSIs peer reviews although slightly adapted to take into account Eurostat's specificities.


 Eurostat                      Report     Improvement actions


The first round of peer reviews (2006-2008)


The documents relating to the first round of peer reviews are available below. These are the guides for the NSIs and peer reviewers and a summary of good practices identified during the peer reviews.


  Peer review guidelines for NSIs version 1.3

 Peer review guidelines for peers version 1.2

  Summary of good practices


Brief descriptions of the statistical system and a report presenting the outcomes for each country and Eurostat are provided in the table below.


Following the first round of peer reviews, Eurostat prepared a report to the European Parliament and the Council. The report summarises the findings of the peer reviews and sets out action for implementing the CoP. A related Commission staff working paper gathers in one document all the improvement actions contained in the individual reports.

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