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City statistics - Urban audit

Purpose of city statistics

The "Urban Audit" data collection provides information and comparable measurements on the different aspects of the quality of urban life in European cities.


Improving the attractiveness of regions and cities is one of the priorities targeted by the renewed Lisbon Strategy and the EU's strategic guidelines for cohesion policy for 2007–13.

Quality of life is crucial in attracting and retaining a skilled labour force, businesses, students, tourists and, most of all, residents in a city.

Assessing the current situation is a prerequisite for any improvement, development and future monitoring.

The "Urban Audit" is a response to this demand for assessment.


Data collection currently takes place every three years, but an annual data collection is being planned for a smaller number of targeted variables.

Click on the map to consult the cities participating in the Urban Audit data collections:
Cities in Urban Audit


Urban Audit cities outside the EU

The European Commission has made a major effort to cooperate with Iceland, Turkey, Switzerland and Norway in the field of urban statistics.

Last update 17.01.2014