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Theme 10: Good governance

Good governance issues are addressed in the EU Sustainable Development Strategy (EU SDS). The objective is to promote coherence between local, regional, national and global actions in order to enhance their contribution to sustainable development.

Headline indicator Operational objectives and targets Actions/explanatory variables
  Policy coherence and effectiveness
New infringement cases Table, Graph and Map  Explanatory text (Metadata) Transposition deficit  Table, Graph and Map   Explanatory text (Metadata)
Openess and participation
Voter turnout in national and EU parliamentary elections Table, Graph and Map   Explanatory text (Metadata) E-government on-line availability (table frozen, as indicator is discontinued)    Explanatory text (Metadata)
E-government usage by individuals Table, Graph and Map   Explanatory text (Metadata)
Economic instruments
Shares of environmental and labour taxes in total tax revenues from taxes and social contributions Table, Graph and Map   Explanatory text (Metadata)    
Contextual indicator Level of citizens´confidence in EU institutions (for sub-theme policy coherence and effectiveness) Table, Graph and Map   Explanatory text (Metadata)


Evaluation of changes in good governance (2013 monitoring)

The trends observed in the good governance theme since 2000 have been mixed:

  • European Parliament is the most trusted among main EU institutions; Citizens' confidence remains generally low, but increased again after a historic low; 
  • 38% drop in the number of infringement cases between 2007 and 2012;
  • Turnover of citizens casting their vote in national parliamentary elections continues to slightly decrease;
  • Increase in the online interactions of citizens with public authorities between 2008 and 2012;
  • Increase in the ratio of labour to environmental taxes from 2000 to 2011.

More information on the evaluation of changes for the EU Sustainable Development Indicators (EU SDIs) on good governance is available on Statistics Explained: Sustainable development - good governance.


Last update 26.11.2014