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Marking the 20th anniversary of the original Earth Summit


20 years after the original Earth Summit it is time to talk about progress made since 1992. The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+ 20, takes place in Rio 20-22 June.


To mark this 20th anniversary Eurostat publishes a series of products to address the objectives and the themes of the conference.  They include a press release, a publication addressed at citizens and four videos that bring forward some of the statistical aspects of the topics of the Conference:  green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication.

For the overall contribution of the European Commission to the Rio+20 Conference please visit:

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Figures for the future - 20 years of sustainable development in Europe? A guide for citizens Figures for the future - 20 years of sustainable development in Europe? A guide for citizens

One of the objectives of Rio+20 is to assess the progress to date. That is why in this publication Eurostat provides analysis of trends of sustainable development indicators (SDIs) combined with an interesting story. It is a guide to the EU SDIs and the trends they show. It communicates statistical figures as seen through the eyes of fictional 17-year-old student Anne. Anne aims to find answers to many questions that relate to our everyday life and our future. These questions are answered while Anne is giving her presentation at a Model UN conference. Through her analysis and discussions the reader is enabled to use statistics when drawing a conclusion about the assessment of progress towards sustainable development.

Presentation on sustainable development indicators (slides of the publication):
This presentation is also available in 22 of the EU official languages, see below.

Last update 27.03.2014