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The modules contain supplementary statistical information on particular aspects of social protection: they relate to pensions' beneficiaries and to net social benefits.

The annual data collection for the module on pensions' beneficiaries has been launched in 2008. The aim of the module on pension beneficiaries is to provide the total number of beneficiaries:

• for each of the seven categories of pensions

• for each of the four functions grouping these categories (i.e. disability, old-age, survivors and unemployment)

• for the "old-age and survivors" function

• for the aggregation of the four functions, at 'Total' level

The pilot collection, with a view to introducing a module on net social protection benefits from 2010, has also been launched in 2008.

Net social protection benefits module measures expenditure on social protection benefits less the taxes paid on these benefits. This module estimates the amount effectively disbursed in a country for social protection benefits and leads to a more reliable among countries comparison of expenditure on social protection.

A pilot data collection of ESSPROS net social protection benefits for year 2005 was established through Regulation (EC) 458/2007 of the European Parliament and Council and represents the first time that Eurostat has systematically collected data on net benefits from all countries on the basis of agreed methodological guidelines (following the so-called “restricted” approach).

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