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Eurostat Metadata on Tourism statistics

Manuals and Guidelines

Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA)

Methodological work on Tourism Satellite Accounts in the European Union :

In 2008-2009, Eurostat ran a project assessing the work done in the EU in the field of TSA and fostering the further implementation and harmonisation of TSA compilation. The key deliverables of the project are published in a set of 4 volumes in the Eurostat series "Methodologies and Working Papers".

Sustainable development for tourism

In May 2004, Eurostat commissioned Statistics Sweden to conduct a methodological study on the sustainable development of tourism, the environment being a factor that is increasingly influencing tourist demand. The result is presented in a report and a manual for a set of 20 core indicators for sustainable tourism, including detailed descriptions of each indicator. This core set forms a base of indicators that may be used both at national, regional and local levels in EU countries, and at Community level.

Methodological work on measuring the sustainable development of tourism

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Last update 18.10.2011