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Country profiles

The Country Profiles cover a wide field of high interest country indicators which range from population and living conditions, labour, health and safety, education, economy and finance, business information, environment, energy, and the information society.

The Country Profiles are available as TryThis version on the Eurostat website. Nevertheless, it works with the latest statistical data available to Eurostat. Its underlying database is updated on a daily basis, however, for technical reasons a few minutes after the normal Eurostat database update time at 11:00am CET.

The TryThis version is, at the moment, available only in English. Translated versions to French and German are foreseen before going into normal operation. During the TryThis period possible remaining technical problems will be solved.

How do the Country Profiles work?

The Country Profile displays for each selected Theme – e.g. Euro indicators – and each selected Country a set of key indicators. On the right side of each indicator the latest available data is shown. By clicking on the indicator itself a statistical map of Europe will appear on the left. The colours of the countries in the map reflect the value of the indicator and are explained in more detail below the map.

Further down, below the map there is a link for opening the General Information page for each country and also for the latest national statistical News via RSS.

For each indicator the Country Profile also offers you a complete table, and interactive graphs and maps, simply by clicking on one of the following icons icons. PLEASE NOTE:  For the moment these interactive graphs and maps are only working if your browser is SVG enabled. Eurostat is working on technical improvements for resolving this in the near future.

Evidently, we would be grateful to receive your comments. Please use the following link for your feedback: EUROSTAT USER SUPPORT

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Last update 25.04.2009