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The Eurostat dissemination database contains the full range of publically available data from Eurostat. The data are presented in multi-dimensional tables with multiple selection features and export formats.

The dissemination database is regularly updated with the most recent data on the generation and treatment of waste. It provides statistics collected under the Waste Statistics Regulation as well as data collected for key waste streams under thematic reporting obligations on waste.
Information about database updates can be found on the News page.

Data is usually available for the 28 European Union Member States and Turkey and Norway. To access the data please click on the following icon in the data tree below Data explorer.

Explanatory texts (metadata) can also be accessed by clicking on this data tree Explanatory texts (metadata).

If you need more instructions on how to use the dtat explorer (making and completing an extraction), please use the following link to: Demo tours.

If required, the complete statistical database is accessible by clicking on the following icon Eurobase, Eurostat's dissemination database.


Explanations for some of the datasets:


• Waste treatment data for all years (2004-2010) at national level are in the table "Treatment of waste (env_wastrt)". The corresponding "historical" data at NUTS1 level are in the table "Treatment of waste by NUTS 1 regions (env_wastrtr)" only for 2004-2008 as the NUTS1 level data are no longer collected from 2010 onwards.


• The table "Number and capacity of recovery and disposal facilities by NUTS 2 regions (env_wasfac)" is available.


• The table "Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) (env_waselee)" presents all data collected on WEEE (WEEE collected and treated, EEE placed on the market).


Please note that the recovery and recycling rates (%) of WEEE measure the "Treatment Efficiency". This is the ratio between the recovered / and recycled and re-used amounts versus the total amount treated.



Last update 01.10.2014