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Main tables




Main tables on waste statistics offer a  selection of pre-defined tables, extracted from the Eurostat waste statistics database. They present the most important data in a user-friendly way as Tables, Graphs or Maps (TGM).
The TGM interface is accessed by clicking on the following icon in the data tree below Tables, Graphs and Maps interface.
Explanatory texts (metadata) can also be accessed by clicking on this icon in the data tree Explanatory texts (metadata).
All data are presented in simple two- or three-dimensional tables.


Some  additional explanations on the datasets:


• Waste treatment data for all years (2004-2010) at national level are in the table "Treatment of waste (env_wastrt)". The corresponding "historical" data at NUTS1 level are in the table "Treatment of waste by NUTS 1 regions (env_wastrtr)" only for 2004-2008 as the NUTS1 level data are no longer collected from 2010 onwards.


• The table "Number and capacity of recovery and disposal facilities by NUTS 2 regions (env_wasfac)" is available.


Last update 28.11.2014