Business economy by sector - NACE Rev. 1.1

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The online Eurostat publication Business economy by sector - NACE Rev. 1.1 presents an overview of structural business statistics analysed per activity sector of the NACE Rev. 1.1 classification; the analyses according to NACE Rev. 1.1 have not been updated beyond the reference year 2007.

More recent data are available in online publication based on NACE Rev. 2.

1. Mining and quarrying

1.1 Energy extraction
1.2 Non-energy mining and quarrying

2. Food, beverages and tobacco

2.1 Meat production and processing
2.2 Fish production and processing
2.3 Dairy
2.4 Bread, sugar and other food production
2.5 Fruit, vegetable, oil and grain processing
2.6 Beverages production
2.7 Tobacco processing

3. Textile, clothing, leather and shoe production

3.1 Textile production
3.2 Clothing production
3.3 Leather and shoe production

4. Wood and paper production

4.1 Wood and wood products
4.2 Pulp, paper and paper products

5. Fuel processing and chemicals production

5.1 Fuel processing
5.2 Petrochemicals and basic chemical production
5.3 Pesticide, paint, soap and fibre production (NACE 24.2)
5.4 Pharmaceuticals production

6. Rubber and plastics production

6.1 Rubber production
6.2 Plastics production

7. Glass, ceramic, clay and cement production

7.1 Glass production
7.2 Ceramic and clay production
7.3 Cement and concrete production
7.4 Stone, abrasive and insulating materials production

8. Metals and metal products

8.1 Iron and steel production and processing
8.2 Precious and non-ferrous metal production
8.3 Metal casting
8.4 Structural metal products manufacturing
8.5 Boilers, metal containers and steam generators production
8.6 Forging, metal coating and mechanical engineering
8.7 Fabricated metal product manufacturing

9. Fabricated metal product manufacturing

9.1 General purpose machinery production
9.2 Agricultural and forestry machinery production
9.3 Industrial processing machinery production
9.4 Arms and ammunition production
9.5 Domestic appliances production

10. Electrical machinery and optical equipment production

10.1 Instrument engineering
10.2 Computer and office equipment production
10.3 Electrical machinery and equipment production
10.4 Radio, television and communication equipment production

11. Transport equipment production

11.1 Car production
11.2 Shipbuilding
11.3 Railway equipment production
11.4 Aerospace equipment production
11.5 Motorcycle and bicycle production

12. Furniture, jewelry, musical instruments, sports goods, toy production

12.1 Furniture production
12.2 Jewelry, musical instruments, sports goods, toy production

13. Electricity, gas and steam production and distribution

14. Water supply and recycling

14.1 Water supply
14.2 Recycling

15. Construction

15.1 Construction site preparation
15.2 General construction
15.3 Building installation
15.4 Building completion
15.5 Renting of construction equipment

16. Motor and fuel retail trade

16.1 Car and motorcycle trade
16.2 Fuel retail and service stations

17. Wholesale trade

17.1 Fee and contract wholesale trade
17.2 Agricultural wholesale trade
17.3 Consumer goods wholesale trade
17.4 Intermediate goods wholesale trade
17.5 Machinery and equipment wholesale trade
17.6 Non-specialised wholesale trade

18. Retail trade and repair

18.1 Non-specialised in-store retail trade
18.2 Specialised in-store food retail trade
18.3 Specialised in-store non-food retail trade
18.4 Second-hand goods in-store retail trade
18.5 Non-store retail trade
18.6 Repair of personal and household goods

19. Hotel, restaurant and catering services

19.1 Hotel and accommodation
19.2 Restaurants, bars and catering

20. Transport and storage

20.1 Rail transport
20.2 Road and other land transport
20.3 Pipeline transport
20.4 Water transport
20.5 Air transport sector
20.6 Warehousing and transport logistics
20.7 Travel agencies

21. Media and communications

21.1 Publishing
21.2 Printing and reproduction
21.3 Post and courier sector
21.4 Telecommunication sector

22. Real estate, renting and leasing

22.1 Real estate
22.2 Renting and operational leasing

23. Research and development sector

24. Business services

24.1 Computer and information services
24.2 Legal, accounting, market research and consultancy services
24.3 Architectural, engineering and technical services
24.4 Advertising services
24.5 Recruitment and personnel selection services
24.6 Security, cleaning, translation services

25. Financial and insurance sector

25.1 Financial credit and leasing sector
25.2 Funds and asset management
25.3 Insurance and pension funds
25.4 Financial auxiliaries