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An EU coastal region is a statistical region of the European Union (EU), at NUTS level 3, defined according to one of the following criteria:

Distribution of coastal regions for EU-27 and Member States
  • The region has a sea border;
375 regions correspond to this criterion
  • The region has more than half of its population within 50 km from the sea, based on the GEOSTAT 2006 population grid. Previous to the availability of this grid, all coastal regions were defined as a NUTS level-3 region with a sea border;
63 further regions correspond to this criterion
  • Hamburg.
German region, not meeting either of the two previous criteria, but still included because of its strong maritime influence

Based on this definition, 439 EU coastal regions were identified in the 22 EU-27 Member States with a coastline.

An additional 54 coastal regions (all with sea borders) are located in the EFTA and candidate countries (Croatia, Island, Norway and Turkey).

This typology is based on the NUTS 2010 and population grid 2006.

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