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Statistics in focus is a series of Eurostat online publications providing statistical analysis based on recent statistical data.

Up to 2012, Statistics in focus were published in PDF format and available from

From 2013 on, all Statistics in focus are published exclusively in Statistics Explained and accessible via this overview.


15/2014 Pig farming in the European Union: considerable variations from one Member State to another

14/2014 Cooling for electricity production dominates water use in industry

13/2014 Statistical analysis of EU trade in energy products, with focus on trade with the Russian Federation

12/2014 Income inequality: nearly 40 per cent of total income goes to people belonging to highest (fifth) quintile

11/2014 Agriculture in the ENP-South countries: largely determined by climatic conditions and influenced by cultural values

10/2014 Large youth population plus high unemployment - challenges facing ENP-South countries

9/2014 EU-27 government expenditure on environmental protection at 0.82  % of GDP in 2012

8/2014 General government expenditure by economic function - EU-27 expenditure on social protection stood at 19.9 % of GDP in 2012 and health expenditure at 7.3 %

7/2014 EU-27 government expenditure on public order and safety at 1.9 % of GDP in 2012

6/2014 EU-27 government expenditure on economic affairs stable at 4.1 % of GDP in 2012 compared with 2011 - Expenditure on 'transport' has the highest share of expenditure in economic affairs

5/2014 Government expenditure on education as a ratio to GDP continued to fall in 2012

4/2014 In 2012 tax revenues increased to 40.6% of GDP in the EU-28 and to 41.7% of GDP in the EA-18

3/2014 Effects of political instability clearly felt

2/2014 In 2012, 88 % of foreign guest nights in Croatia were spent by visitors from within the EU

1/2014 From birth to death: a closer look at business demography in selected EU countries and the Republic of Korea


32/2013 One in seven businesses belong to the tourism industries

31/2013 Labour market policy expenditure and the structure of unemployment

30/2013 Coastal regions: people living along the coastline, integration of NUTS 2010 and latest population grid

29/2013 Three quarters of Europeans used the internet in 2013

28/2013 Businesses raise their internet profile by using social media

27/2013 Is the likelihood of poverty inherited?

26/2013 Environmental taxes account for 6.17 % of all revenues from taxes and social contributions in the EU-27 in 2011

25/2013 In the second quarter of 2013, the EU-27 seasonally adjusted government deficit decreased

24/2013 In 2009, industrial products represent 28 % of the EU total output and 22 % in the US

23/2013 Short-term business statistics for Croatia and the European Union

22/2013 Waste indicators on generation and landfilling measuring sustainable development 2004-2010

21/2013 In the first quarter of 2013, euro area and EU-27 seasonally adjusted government deficits decrease

20/2013 Upward trend in the EU government debt level continued in 2012

19/2013 Agricultural income per annual work unit in EU-27 remained at the same level in 2012

18/2013 Trends in crime and criminal justice, 2010

17/2013 Portrait of the EU milk production sector

16/2013 Updated urban-rural typology: integration of NUTS 2010 and the latest population grid

15/2013 Significant differences in price levels for food, beverages and tobacco across Europe in 2012

14/2013 European Union Labour force survey - annual results 2012

13/2013 Towards a 'baby recession' in Europe?

12/2013 The level of government expenditure on education varies between Member States

11/2013 In the fourth quarter of 2012, euro area and EU-27 seasonally adjusted government deficits remain stable

10/2013 Support for financial institutions increases government deficits in 2012

9/2013 General government expenditure in 2011 – Focus on the functions ‘social protection’ and ‘health’

8/2013 Living standards falling in most Member States

7/2013 Continued recovery in volume of goods handled in EU ports

6/2013 Enterprises making slow progress in adopting ICT for e-business integration

5/2013 Economic ebb and flow in maritime sectors

4/2013 Children were the age group at the highest risk of poverty or social exclusion in 2011

3/2013 In the third quarter of 2012, euro area seasonally adjusted deficit remains stable, while EU-27 deficit increases

2/2013 Analysis of EU-27 household final consumption expenditure — Baltic countries and Greece still suffering most from the economic and financial crisis

1/2013 High-technology and medium-high technology industries main drivers of EU-27's industrial growth



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